Legal Services

The York firm was founded to provide personal injury legal services that help Georgians impacted by others’ negligence obtain maximum compensation for their injuries. We are ready to fight for you and your family.

car and trucking injury service

Car and Trucking crashes

Whether you were involved in a catastrophic collision with a tractor-trailer or were rear-ended by another vehicle while waiting for a light to change, The York Firm will work tirelessly to ensure you get you the compensation you deserve

premises liability injury service

Premises Liability

If you fell and were injured on someone else’s property due to some foreign substance or defective condition, you may be entitled to legal compensation.

defective products injury service

Defective Products

Companies shouldn’t sell us things that hurt or kill us. If you or someone you know has been injured or killed by the use of a consumer product, medical device, drug, automobile or machinery, contact us immediately to discuss a potential claim.

negligent security  injury service

Negligent Security

Commercial property owners are required by law to take reasonable measures to keep people safe. We represent victims of violent crimes in claims against the owners and managers of the apartment complex or other property where the attack occurred.

medical negligence  injury service

Medical Negligence

Most medical care providers get it right. But for the ones who don’t, the consequences for their patients can be catastrophic. Call us today to discuss your potential medical malpractice claim.