York Firm obtains $725,000.00 Settlement in Inadequate Security case

Attorney Arthur York won a $725,000.00 settlement (nearly 20x the medical bills) in a negligent security case referred by another law firm for a client who was shot during an armed robbery attempt at a motel in Columbus, Georgia. Our client was living at the motel with his girlfriend and their infant daughter while working a job repairing cell phone towers.

One morning, as our client was walking back into the motel form a trip to the store, a man with a handgun jumped out and held a pistol to our client’s head, demanding his money. Our client instinctively tried to flee for his life. After a chase inside the motel, his attacker shot him in the leg, fracturing his tibia.

Our investigation revealed that despite a multitude of prior violent crimes on and near the premises, the motel owner failed to take reasonable measures to protect residents and guests. In particular, the security gate was inoperable, and there was no security on the premises despite the palpable threat of injury demonstrated by the prior violent crimes in the area.

When we presented the results of our investigation to the motel’s insurance company along with a detailed analysis of the prior crimes, Georgia premises liability law, and our client’s injuries and damages, they paid our demand within the 30-day deadline.

Georgia premises owners and occupiers are required to use reasonable care to protect guests from being injured by reasonably foreseeable dangers. That duty expressly includes the responsibility to take measures to protect them from injuries caused by violent crimes on the property.

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